Who is LUCA?

Story Behind LUCA

The initial idea started in January 2023 when Moe approached Carina to start a business together. They have known each other through Moe’s sister who are also Carina’s really close friend. He asked her to have a think about it, but to her, it was really a no brainer. Little did he know, she has been trying to manifest a business partner, and has one new business idea, ready to go.
She asked him if he has any idea of what he wanted it to be, but he opens for any suggestion. Carina presented the idea of LUCA, inspired by her abscond overseas. She truly loves and feel connected to the mediterranean sea, especially the French Riviera and Italy. She thought LUCA was a catchy name, beautiful, and easy to remember.

She showed him the branding, theme, inspiration board, and he loved it. Since then, Moe has truly believes in her vision, has been giving 110% support in every single way, and leading with integrity.

It all manifested effortlessly, smooth, and everything falls in perfect timing. We were surprised of what we have achieved in the first half of the year.

LUCA was born from a collaboration of two individual entrepreneur. Carina, who has built and owned two pastry businesses before selling them and starting LUCA, her vision, and experience, combined with Moe’s expertise in business, building, renovation, and eye for details and perfection.

Together, they are hoping to provide the best experience, with beautiful coffees, cakes, and food, provided by people in the industry who truly cares. Our baristas, chefs, and staffs always tried our best giving the best service.